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Rossyew Ltd was formed in 2001 and is part of the AP Jess group of companies.

Rossyew’s modern factory is located on a one hectare site in Greenock on the West Coast of Scotland. The factory is approved by the Ministry of Agriculture, Environmental Agencies and Feed Manufacturing Assurance Schemes to conform to all EU fish by-product processing regulations.

Thier goal is to maximise the conversion of Scottish Salmon by-products into specialty oil and protein ingredients. The Salmon by-products are acidified within hours of processing to minimise deterioration and are converted into Omega-3 rich Scottish Salmon Oil and nutritious Salmon Pro. These ingredients are used in premium animal feeds across Europe, US and Asia.

Rossyew worked with the Department of Chemical & Process Engineering at the University of Strathclyde to increase the yield of higher value Salmon oil from Salmon viscera by reducing the residual oil content in the lower value protein product.

Find out more about Rossyewat www.rossyew.co.uk

All photographs reproduced with permission from Rossyew

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