Academic Benefits

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships can help you to lead rewarding and ongoing collaborations with innovative businesses who require access to your skills and expertise to help them develop.

How can the West of Scotland KTP Centre help me?

The West of Scotland KTP Centre will work with you to facilitate and assist in the development of your project and help you prepare the proposal for submission. With over 350 projects under our belt, we think we know what makes a good KTP! We are there to help and support you at every step of the process. Once your project is funded, the Centre staff  will continue to work with you, providing support in the areas of recruitment, financial reporting and administrative support to Local Management Committee meetings. 

At any one time the Centre is involved in supporting upwards of 40 projects involving our partner institutions and businesses from all over Scotland and across the UK. Access our case study library where you can find out how your academic colleagues have benefited from their involvement in KTP.

To find out how the West of Scotland KTP Centre can help you to get involved in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships contact us using the enquiry form.