How can KTP help my Business?

KTP has a history of over 40 years and was formerly known as the Teaching Company Scheme.

KTP remains a flagship offering supported by Government and Research Councils across the UK, delivering real benefits for all partners and contributing to wealth creation and economic impact in the UK. KTP is not constrained by project type or sector. Product, process or service innovation projects are all supportable, so whether you are looking to develop new products, optimise existing production flows, develop new service offerings or design and implement a strategy for International expansion, KTP can partner you with the most relevant academic team based on the needs of your individual project and knowledge requirements. 

Key Company Benefits:

  • External expert support* to develop new products, processes, services and business models;
  • Upskilled staff & enhanced competitive advantage;
  • Accelerated business growth & enhanced productivity;
  • Flexibility in terms of project duration (12-36months), resource allocation** and scope, ensuring each KTP meets your business needs;

*Up to 67% grant support and ability to partner with any academic partner in the UK;

** multi-associate and blended KTPs with academics from different departments and Universities are all feasible;

KTP’s 2013/14 annual review showed that businesses achieved an average increase in annual profit of more than £1 million after taking part. They also created around 2 new jobs and trained an average of 31 staff as a result of each KTP. 

How can the West of Scotland KTP Centre help me?

Clarity and Guidance

The funding landscape can be confusing for businesses and identifying the most appropriate funding support mechanism can be both time consuming and frustrating.

  • With a history of 20 years and over 350 KTP projects, staff in the KTP Centre have a clear understanding of what type of projects are supportable under KTP and, crucially, what funders are looking to support;
  • Even if KTP turns out not to be the right option for you, we are usually able to steer you in the direction given our knowledge of the Innovation Funding landscape in the UK and established relationships with other support organisations;

Professional Project Formation and KTP Bid Creation Support

  • Business development staff provide guidance and support on project team formation including helping you identify suitable partners where necessary, project planning and business case development and, finally, KTP bid writing and submission;
  • You will be allocated a single point of contact at the KTP Centre who will work intensively with you, and the KTP Advisor community, to actively author your submission and ensure your KTP bid is of the highest standard (we have a track record of nearly 100% hit rate in terms of submitted applications against 80% hit rate nationally); 
  • Our experienced business development staff are PhD-level professionals with extensive industry and research experience (Engineering & Life Sciences);

Lifetime Support

At any one time the West of Scotland KTP Centre is involved in managing upwards of 50 projects involving our partner institutions and businesses all over Scotland and across the UK. As a not-for-profit centre we have a vested interest in your project's success and consider ourselves "part of the project team" from start to finish.

  • Post-award, KTP Centre staff will work with you through the project launch and associate recruitment phases of your project, before providing ongoing administrative, financial and reporting support throughout the lifetime of the project; allowing you to focus on project delivery.

To find out how the West of Scotland KTP Centre can help you to get involved in Knowledge Transfer Partnerships contact us using the enquiry form.