Alexander Dennis Ltd

Resource forecasting: cutting planning time from weeks to minutes at Alexander Dennis Ltd.

24-month knowledge transfer partnership, Dr Abi Hird (Lecturer), DMEM

Dr Hird secured a KTP as an early career researcher and was supported during the project by Prof Alex Duffy. The aim of the project was to address resource planning challenges within ADL by applying new fundamental research in predictive modelling for resource forecasting.

"The resource tool has exceeded our expectation by orders of magnitude. While initial estimates included savings from being able to produce estimates quicker, the effect on business confidence and reduction in risk was not fully appreciated. Greater visibility, consistency and accuracy in resource estimates have given the business confidence to exploit more opportunities and win new business"...Gordon McLean, Head of Engineering.

"KTP has been an excellent opportunity to apply my research and to have an impact on practice. It’s satisfying to see my ideas being applied in a way that makes a real difference to industry and has helped provide really interesting case-studies to support publications and teaching"...Dr Abigail Hird

Key outcomes and benefits:

  • Project success was seen a key factor in Dr Hird being appointed as a lecturer in 2016;
  • Deepened relationship with the company, 2nd KTP planned;
  • Conference and journal papers and planned IMPACT case study for ref 2020;
  • Project graded exceptional by post-project reviewers and KTP associate received the 'building skills' award at the annual Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards;
  • Reinvigorated the Strathclyde Institute of Operations Management, where Dr Hird is taking on a key role with potential for further KTP projects;
  • Dr Hird is currently participating in 2nd KTP with Spirit Aerospace and has just secured a 3rd KTP with Long Lane Deliveries Ltd.