Gary Poli - Lunch & Learn

Howden Compressors & Glasgow Caledonian University

Gary Poli, the KTP Associate on the above project, held a Lunch and Learn session at Howden Compressors in Renfrew to update employees on the mid-term project progress of the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) that is being carried out between Howden Compressors and Glasgow Caledonian University. 

The "Lunch & Learn" session in progress!

The KTP project aims to create a new dynamic screw compressor software suite that will be capable of estimating the operational parameters of a complete compressor package. The dynamic modelling software will ultimately allow engineers to estimate the operational performance of the screw compressor package and estimate how it will operate under site conditions when the package has been commissioned. 

Diagram demonstrating the progress of the KTP Project

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20 August 2017 08:40
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