West of Scotland KTP Centre – Current Projects

At any one time the West of Scotland KTP Centre is involved in managing upwards of 40 projects involving our partner institutions and businesses all over Scotland and across the UK. You can find out more about our current projects below.

These partnerships received financial support from the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) programme. KTP aims to help businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK knowledge base. These projects are funded by the Scottish Funding Council and UK Research and Innovation through Innovate UK, part of the government’s Industrial Strategy.


New Projects

AHK Energy Services Ltd

AHK Energy Services Ltd. is an inspection, analysis and consultancy service provider for the solid fuel sector. They are working with the University of Strathclyde to embed multidisciplinary capability in biochemistry, and environmental, energy and chemical engineering, to develop robust analytical methodology to support the creation of an index of risk of self-heating ability of biomass pellets for use within the biomass supply chain.

Alba Facilities Services

Alba Facilities Services.  Around the clock, Alba operate, maintain, repair, install and replace mechanical and electrical systems and building fabric within commercial properties across Scotland and Northern England. They continually invest in the latest technology to provide our clients with the best Predictive Maintenance and Diagnostic technology available. Their project will improve productivity through the application of improved business processes and an innovative approach to people management, allowing AFS to deliver a 4-day week for employees.


AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business whose medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide. Their purpose is to push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines. The best way they can help patients is to be science-led and share this passion with the scientific, healthcare and business communities of the UK. Their KTP is to acquire the capability of using Pair Distribution Function (PDF) analysis using either synchrotron X-rays or lab source technology to gain quantitative insight into the structure of amorphous materials, where the structural coherence extends over only a few nanometres, rendering conventional solid form monitoring techniques ineffective.

Coolside Limited

Coolside Limited, trading as Trtl, designs and sells a range of innovative travel pillows, flight socks and packing solutions to take the stress out of travel.  Their KTP with the University of Strathclyde is to embed capability in image and language recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and behavioural economics, to develop a platform that can proactively determine and address ongoing counterfeiting and unauthorised product distribution, protecting the brand, supporting other brands that use the platform, and altering incentives to influence counterfeiting activity.

CPA Engineered Solutions

CPA Engineered Solutions have been providing total air solutions to a variety of businesses since 1992. From their heritage in industrial compressed air, they now offer other innovative air solutions to ensure they keep their clients business running, whether reducing energy transfer through open doors, improving indoor air quality or recovering energy lost to roof spaces, their innovative ideas and solutions are backed by measured data giving their clients complete trust in everything they do. Their KTP will embed expertise that will allow CPA to create software that interacts with sensors, allowing CPA to monitor hardware assets remotely. This will allow CPA to deliver 24 hour care and dignose faults, minimising disruption to their customer’s businesses.


GlaxoSmithKline are a global business who make innovative vaccines and specialty medicines to prevent and treat disease. Their R&D focuses on the science of the immune system, human genetics and advanced technologies. Their KTP will deliver significant improvements in the speed and quality of pharmaceutical product manufacturing processes. This will be achieved through an embedded understanding of the impact of pressure on polymorphs in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), which impacts product stability and biopharmaceutics, ultimately resulting in increased profitability, through savings.


Inspectahire.  Headquartered in Aberdeen and established over 35 years ago, Inspectahire have grown to become a diversified and highly flexible Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) inspections and testing business. As one of the UK’s leading inspection specialists, Inspectahire has worked on a diverse range of projects worldwide. From the legs of Oil & Gas platforms to the tips of wind turbines, via railway infrastructure and factory machinery, they have been called upon to undertake all types of inspections, in all environments – including harsh and hazardous areas. Their KTP will allow for the development of a portable fluid measuring device for use in the hazardous zoned area of bonded warehouses to enable owners to monitor cask contents whilst in situ, thus greatly reducing the risks and costs of moving casks from within racks and stores.

Sport Aberdeen

Sport Aberdeen, the largest sport and leisure provider in the north-east of Scotland, are working with Glasgow Caledonian University to develop the ProActive Minds programme: an innovative suite of activities and resources that promote mental and physical health in children and young people. The project will embed sport and exercise psychology knowledge and skills within the company and position it to expand the ProActive Minds programme nationally.

Target Healthcare

Target Healthcare Limited (THL) manufacture and supply a wide range of
pharmaceutical products, including generic, branded and unlicensed medicines. They are working with the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences to embed an understanding of formulation, characterisation, and analysis techniques, to develop platform capability, and enable creation of a robust framework for the assessment of shelf-life and stability of a range of aseptically prepared Monoclonal Antibodies (MABs) for patient use.

The Weir Group PLC

The Weir Group PLC is an engineering company, dedicated to creating innovative engineering solutions that make their global customers more productive.  With the University of Strathclyde, their KTP will embed capability in Computational Fluid Dynamics coupled Discrete Element Modelling methods for complex flows in slurry transportation, to develop a tool for the design of new products, extending the life of existing equipment, and supporting the development, evaluation and implementation of new innovative technology for this sector.

Visibility Scotland

Visibility Scotland help and support anyone, of any age, living with a visual impairment across Scotland. Their aim is to help people with sigh loss to live independent and fulfilling lives. Their project is looking to embed a product development process and to develop affordable technology that enables early functional visual assessment and then provides visual rehabilitation/treatment for people that have experienced a neurological visual field loss. This will be complemented by an accredited rehabilitation training programme for allied health professionals.

Current Projects


Adimo, a Martech company specialising in shoppable marketing solutions, works with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands to embed shopping functionality into their digital marketing content, making it easier for consumers to buy their products.  They are working with the Department of Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Strathclyde to embed innovative machine learning capability and methodologies, to develop a fully automated, multi-lingual algorithm, first to market, recipe creation platform.


Aggreko is the global leader in supply of temporary power generation equipment and of temperature control equipment. It is headquartered in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. This KTP project will embed capability in analytics at ‘the edge,’ enabling remote monitoring of field assets in remote locations with machine learning models.

Anderson Bell Christie Architects

Anderson Bell Christie is an architecture practice, based in Glasgow, that provide services to the social housing, healthcare, education and community sectors.   They are working with the Department of Architecture at the University of Strathclyde to develop and implement a data driven design process for Zero Carbon Neighbourhoods, creating a place-based community-oriented solution to deliver holistic zero carbon living within the social housing sector.



BioClavis is a Glasgow-based personalised diagnostics spin-out of BioSpyder Technologies. They leverage the proprietary TempO-Seq transcriptomic/genomic platform technology, capable of efficiently analysing large cohorts with customisable biomarker panels of tens to thousands of genes, quickly and inexpensively. Therefore, they’re enabling the full promise and clinical utility of ‘omic testing to deliver cost-effective care for individual patients in coordination with and context of the practical realities in today’s healthcare systems. TempO-Seq has critical usability features, controls, and does not require specialised instrumentation, ideal for expansion into the clinic. These strengths – in concert with centralised patient samples, clinical research partners, and economic decision making – allow accelerating content discovery, product development and adoption of a new generation of cost-disruptive precision medicine testing worldwide. Their KTP is to deliver cost-effective molecular diagnostics for patients in coordination with, and in context of, the practical realities of today’s healthcare systems.

Biotangents Limited

Biotangents Limited are specialists in Veterinary Diagnostics and are designing the next generation of molecular diagnostics equipment for vets and labs. It is estimated that livestock diseases cost the UK economy £1bn per year with similar impacts on livestock farming worldwide. To help tackle this problem, Biotangents have developed Moduleic Sensing to provide fast, accurate results from point-of-care diagnostics. This KTP with the Bioengineering Department at the University of Strathclyde seeks to build on the Moduleic Sensing  platform by integrating Electrochemical sensing technology to further improve performance and extend the range of applications. This project will further enhance Biotangents reputation and help accelerate the deployment of Moduleic Sensing into their target markets.

Bosch Rexworth

Bosch Rexroth supports mechanical and plant engineering challenges around the world with its cutting edge technology and unique industry knowledge. More than 32,000 employees worldwide work on safe, efficient, intelligent and powerful solutions. For example, they help in the economical production of small batch sizes or save energy while simultaneously raising productivity. They have undertaken a KTP project to generate a new range of radial piston motors, able to collect and analyse real time performance data using IoT and predictive data analytics. The resulting advanced decision support system will enable the diagnostic monitoring of equipment in harsh environments. 

JWF Process Solutions Ltd

JWF Process Solutions Ltd., formed in 1962, is one of the biggest independent suppliers of measurement and instrumentation equipment in the UK. They are working with Departments of Management Science, and Computer and Information Sciences at the University of Strathclyde, to support business model transition from sensor supply, to provision of a software-based data and information service sales solution, by embedding operational capability and management expertise, enabling future growth through efficient implementation and execution of business improvement processes.

Mackenzie Construction Limited

Mackenzie Construction Limited, formed in 1980, is a civil engineering contractor positioned to design and construct infrastructure and assets for public and private sector clients. Their work spans a number of diverse sectors, including water, canals, housing, nuclear, defence and aviation. They are working with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Strathclyde to characterise and validate performance characteristics of their binder product across a range of environmental profiles, to support development of a versatile, sustainable, road surfacing solution.


Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems Europe Ltd

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Systems Europe Ltd are one of the world's leading names in the manufacture and sales of electrical and electronic products and systems used in a broad range of fields and applications. They are working with the Department of Engineering at Glasgow Caledonian University to embed understanding of Industrial Internet of Things, predictive and prescriptive analytics, to allow development and implementation of a model for monitoring and optimisation of production processes.

Peak NDT

Peak NDT is a high end technology company specialising in the development, manufacture and support of multichannel and phased array ultrasound controllers for use in the Non-Destructive Testing industries.

With it’s particular expertise in ultrasonics, Peak also provides consultancy services, including feasibility studies, technique development and ultrasonic inspection modelling. Their KTP is to embed expertise in focal law calculator development to allow Peak NDT to develop and create an innovative, sophisticated NDT capability.

Precision Tooling Services

Precision Tooling Services Ltd (PTS) have for 30 years provided an integrated manufacturing facility in Ayrshire in conventional CNC machining and casting, for diverse but very competitive engineering sectors. PTS now wish to embark on advanced manufacturing processes, such as ECM, in order to address the UK wide skills and capability shortage, particularly in Scotland as well as to enhance future growth.  The GCU team has extensive R&D experience in advanced manufacturing gained over several decades with industry collaboration as well as globally recognised expertise in Electrochemical Machining. The project aims to develop and embed knowledge in smart and sustainable electrochemical machining (ECM) to deliver enhanced capability of precision component manufacture for the aerospace, automotive and renewable energy sectors.  

Process Systems Enterprise Ltd

Process Systems Enterprise Ltd. is the world leading supplier of Advanced Process Modelling (APM) technology and related model-based engineering services to the process industries.  They are undertaking a KTP with the CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Hub at the University of Strathclyde, to develop and commercialise enhanced software, encompassing industrial workflows for the application of a user-friendly mechanistic modelling toolkit, to enable clients to digitally design and operate their pharmaceutical drug substance manufacturing processes, thus optimising production.


Qumodo launched in 2016 with the goal of making the world a safer place. They are undertaking a KTP to develop and commercialise an image Location Identification Classifier (LoID) to match large volumes of images, based on scene and location content, through computer vision and machine learning. This will give Qumodo a unique product, driving company growth through a market disruptive technology.

R&B Distillers Ltd

R&B Distillers Ltd, formed in 2014, are artisanal distillers of whisky and gin.  In 2017, they transformed Borodale House on the Inner Hebridean Isle of Raasay into a state-of-the-art distillery and hotel. They are working with the Department of Chemical and Process Engineering at the University of Strathclyde to embed capability in electrochemical engineering processes for energy storage and conversion, biomass energy, and clean fuel technologies, to develop a holistic energy plan for decarbonisation that can be retrofitted to their current distillery site, and implemented at future planned sites.

Renewable Parts Ltd

Renewable Parts Ltd. (RPL) is the leading independent supplier of parts for the UK’s wind turbine industry. They are working with the Advanced Materials Research Laboratory at the University of Strathclyde to embed capability in remanufacturing, metrology, assessment and evaluation of end-of-life-turbines, to enable development of a robust business development plan and process for whole turbine decommissioning and re-circulation of turbine parts for the renewables sector.


Scotbio provide clean and natural solutions for food, cosmetics, textiles and pharmaceuticals. Using biotech, they are able to reshape what’s possible- by creating all-natural colourants, plant-based proteins and nutritional ingredients at practically any scale. Thanks to their patented indoor GMP production process, they’re meeting unparalleled standards of purity, safety and consistency – every single day of the year. Their KTP is looking to embed expertise in chemical and process engineering, shortening time to market for products and helping to automate key processes. They are looking to utilise data science techniques to intensify production with sophisticated monitoring and control solutions.

Soapworks Ltd

Soapworks produce high-quality personal care products for brand partners worldwide. They have a 64,000 sq. ft. facility in Easterhouse, Glasgow that produces in excess of 50 million bars per year. Alongside their solid bar production, they have a fully automated bottle filling operation that can fill over 10 million bottles per year. By continually improving their manufacturing capabilities and investing in the latest technologies, they provide the best quality and service to their brand partners. Their KTP looks to embed expertise in defining the optimum processing window for synthetic detergents, improving the consistency and quality of the product.

Spartan Solutions

Spartan Solutions was founded in 2004 by two principles with a background in enterprise software sales and IT project delivery skills, with the aim of building a world class software company. They sell products directly to the equipment rental, industrial services, construction and major infrastructure and the oil and gas markets.

They are working with the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering team at the University of Strathclyde to develop and commercialise the next generation of Predictive Maintenance algorithms for mission-critical and high-impact energy infrastructure.


SVGC offer a broad spectrum of support to help resolve it’s clients most challenging issues. Originally founded to provide support to the Ministry of Defence and the defence industry, their services are increasingly in demand from other government departments, commercial organisations and the nuclear sector. They have received KTP funding to develop and commercialise a platform for digital sensitivity review of public records, to automatically highlight potential sensitivities through information retrieval, text analytics and machine learning. The subsequent embedded knowledge will give SVGC a unique product development capability, driving company growth.

TrainFX Limited

TrainFX Limited is a UK based rail technology company specialising in bespoke, turn-key and fully integrated on-train solutions, incorporating - passenger information system, seat sensors, crew comms, CCTV, call for assistance and passenger counting on both retro fit and new-build trains. This gives operators the best possible passenger experience and gives the operators the ability to analyse and monitor passenger and fleet activity, creating valuable insights which translate to dramatic improvements in service efficiency and passenger satisfaction. The KTP will develop and commercialise an autonomous, interactive and intelligent robot (rover) system offering mobile and personalised, real-time support to train travellers.

Vector Photonics

Vector Photonics’ PCSELs are the first, major break-through in semiconductor laser technology for 30 years. The company is a spin-out from one of the world’s leading academic groups in Photonics at the University of Glasgow. Its proprietary technology, developed since 2012, places Vector Photonics at the heart of the rapidly growing datacenter industry.

PCSELs (Photonic Crystal Surface Emitting Lasers) are low cost, robust with high speed and power. This combination of key characteristics gives them a huge advantage over present-day, commonly used VCSELs (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Lasers), which compromise wavelength range and power, and EEL lasers (Edge Emitting Lasers), which are high-cost and fragile. PCSELs have other advantages too. They emit light from the top surface, like VCSELs, making them easy to package and incorporate into PCBs and electronic assemblies. They are also made in a similar way to EELs, so existing, experienced, supply chain capability and capacity can be utilised.

Their KTP will embed expertise in testing and failure analysis methodologies to ensure that laser device products delivered to customers have undergone accelerated lifetime testing. This will drive commercial growth within the company and deliver a step change in Vectors manufacturing protocols.

WB Alloys Welding Products Ltd

Founded in 1974, WB Alloys Welding Products Ltd is a welding  consumables manufacturer.  Their head office is in Glasgow, with other premises in Aberdeen, Tavistock, Stockton on Tees and the United Arab Emirates.  They are undertaking a KTP with the Department of Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management at the University of Strathclyde, to develop a product to monitor performance, compliance, condition and location of new and existing welding equipment, improving end user efficiency.