Creating Impact through Innovation

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships is Europe’s leading programme helping business to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills that reside within the UK knowledge base. KTP is funded by Innovate UK with 12 other funding organisations.

With 94% of completed projects achieving or exceeding expectations between 2011 and 2016 and an £8 return for every £1 public money invested it is perhaps not surprising that the programme has enjoyed over 40-years of  history in the UK and has funded in excess of 10,000 projects in that time. 

Fathom Systems - Harnessing expertise to tackle Covid-19

The UK’s underwater engineering industry is exploring ways to help support the national effect to take the coronavirus pandemic with firms focusing on ventilators and 3D printing. JFD Global who recently acquired Fathom Systems have stepped up to bring to market a revolutionary respiratory ventilator.  Read more here  

New Projects


BioClavis is a Glasgow-based personalised diagnostics spin-out of BioSpyder Technologies. They leverage the proprietary TempO-Seq transcriptomic/genomic platform technology, capable of efficiently analysing large cohorts with customisable biomarker panels of tens to thousands of genes, quickly and inexpensively. Therefore, they’re enabling the full promise and clinical utility of ‘omic testing to deliver cost-effective care for individual patients in coordination with and context of the practical realities in today’s healthcare systems. TempO-Seq has critical usability features, controls, and does not require specialised instrumentation, ideal for expansion into the clinic. These strengths – in concert with centralised patient samples, clinical research partners, and economic decision making – allow accelerating content discovery, product development and adoption of a new generation of cost-disruptive precision medicine testing worldwide. Their KTP is to deliver cost-effective molecular diagnostics for patients in coordination with, and in context of, the practical realities of today’s healthcare systems.

Biotangents Limited

Biotangents Limited are specialists in Veterinary Diagnostics and are designing the next generation of molecular diagnostics equipment for vets and labs. It is estimated that livestock diseases cost the UK economy £1bn per year with similar impacts on livestock farming worldwide. To help tackle this problem, Biotangents have developed Moduleic Sensing to provide fast, accurate results from point-of-care diagnostics. This KTP with the Bioengineering Department at the University of Strathclyde seeks to build on the Moduleic Sensing  platform by integrating Electrochemical sensing technology to further improve performance and extend the range of applications. This project will further enhance Biotangents reputation and help accelerate the deployment of Moduleic Sensing into their target markets.

Clyde Travel

Clyde Travel - Since 1989, Clyde Travel Management have been providing personalised travel solutions to corporate, marine and offshore sectors and have been recognised as Scotland’s Best Independent Travel Agent on 5 occasions since 2010. This KTP with Design, Manufacture and Engineering Management at the University of Strathclyde looks to enhance this service by developing a smart Decision Support System (DSS) to aid with operational planning and managing customer requests. The DSS will enable Clyde Travel to become more agile and better respond to their customer base while also helping manage staff workloads, leading to a leaner, more efficient operation. Success in this KTP will ensure Clyde Travel continues to provide an industry leading service and has the operational tools in place to support further growth into new markets and territories.


Crear Space to Create Ltd


Crear Space to Create - As an inspirational working space with accommodation, Crear & the arts charity space to create connects individuals & organisations across the arts worldwide through innovative residencies & collaborations, including writers retreats, masterclasses, recordings & public concerts. Their KTP is to deliver a strategic and adaptive business model and business development project.


EventMAP's core business is in providing tools and expertise to help their clients (academic and non academic) solve their most complex scheduling problems. Their tools offer interactive activity planning, space planning, resource management, timetabling and scheduling capabilities that optimise and reduce the cost of these activities for clients. They are working with the department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde to develop an automated occupancy assessment approach to facilitate the embedding of innovative data gathering and modelling strategies within EventMAP’s core OPTIME software platform.

Peak NDT

Peak NDT is a high end technology company specialising in the development, manufacture and support of multichannel and phased array ultrasound controllers for use in the Non-Destructive Testing industries.

With it’s particular expertise in ultrasonics, Peak also provides consultancy services, including feasibility studies, technique development and ultrasonic inspection modelling. Their KTP is to embed expertise in focal law calculator development to allow Peak NDT to develop and create an innovative, sophisticated NDT capability.

Perceptive Engineering

Perceptive Engineering Limited was formed to improve the efficiency of complex manufacturing and treatment processes, using robust and powerful statistical tools, combined with leading-edge academic thinking. PEL are a team of experienced control engineers, used by companies around the world to meet the manufacturing challenges of the future. Their KTP is to develop machine learning techniques embedded within the software offering, which will reduce the domain expertise level required by users to implement predictive maintenance systems, greatly increasing process efficiencies.

Precision Tooling Services

Precision Tooling Services in Ayrshire provides a manufacturing facility for machined components for a range of customers within the Aerospace, Automotive, Renewables and Oil & Gas industries. They have been established for over 25 years and are located in the aerospace park at Prestwick airport. Precision Tooling Services offers unique toolroom services and the opportunity for manufacturing companies to have their components precision manufactured in various materials either from solid or, alternatively, investment or sand cast in various materials and final machined, all managed and controlled within the same company. Their KTP will Develop and embed expertise in electrochemical machining (ECM) to deliver enhanced capability of precision component manufacture for the aerospace, automotive and renewable energy sectors.

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission

Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission is the licensed owner and operator of the high voltage electricity transmission system in the north of Scotland. They are working with the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Strathclyde to embed engaging work practices, flexible management processes and systemic capacity for the effective implementation of strategy and innovation initiatives that result in business targets being exceeded, particularly for decarbonisation.

TrainFX Limited

TrainFX Limited is a UK based rail technology company specialising in bespoke, turn-key and fully integrated on-train solutions, incorporating - passenger information system, seat sensors, crew comms, CCTV, call for assistance and passenger counting on both retro fit and new-build trains. This gives operators the best possible passenger experience and gives the operators the ability to analyse and monitor passenger and fleet activity, creating valuable insights which translate to dramatic improvements in service efficiency and passenger satisfaction. The KTP will develop and commercialise an autonomous, interactive and intelligent robot (rover) system offering mobile and personalised, real-time support to train travellers.

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